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High school senior Jimelle Levon used to be homeless. When he was in fifth grade, he and his mother lived in a shelter together. Jimelle started shoveling snow and doing other odd jobs to make some money.

When he was 14, he taught himself to sew and turned his small bedroom into a 'Sewing Lab.' Now, Jimelle is 18 and is using his love of sewing to become an entrepreneur – selling handmade prom dresses. He makes three to four custom dresses every week during prom season,  earning between $300-$450 for each dress.

Jimelle, who was working two after-school jobs, was able to quit both to sew as his main source of income. What started as a teenager working on sewing projects in his bedroom is rapidly growing into a bigger business. Jimelle plans to continue growing his dream by attending Clark Atlanta University next fall to study business and fashion.

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