Photo credit: Mary Ann Wasserman, Hillsdale Daily News

Story originally published on Hillsdale Daily News 

One group of women is taking community service to an entirely new level. Lakeview Church in Pioneer, Ohio, is home to the Sew'ers of Hope- a group that uses their skills to create an array of items for those in need. Created in 2007, the sewing group has made countless items that range from memorabilia items to honor those who have passed to walker bags. These bags are made from donated pairs of jeans, which are then cut up and sewn into something that can be attached to a walker. Possibly the sewers' favorite activity, however, is quilting.

"I enjoy everything about our group," said Hope Coordinator Gail Delves to Hillsdale Daily News. "I could quilt 24 hours a day and seven days a week."

The women make quilts for their yearly church auction and also for the church's mission trip attendees. Though all of the members of Sew'ers of Hope enjoy the various projects, what they love most is the time for reflection and growth.

"I think of the years I have become confident in myself and in my sewing," said church member Linda Zimmerman. "I am really proud to be with the ladies: everything we are doing is God's care."