Photo credit: News Channel 9

Story originally published by News Channel 9 .

It's been nearly two months since the Woodmore Elementary school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killed six and injured 12 children. News of the fatal accident put the nation in a world of hurt, but a group of Chattanooga women started a project to try to bring comfort back into the lives of the victims' families.

The women made a customized quilt for each child that was on the bus. "I'm going to embroider all their names on them, and personalize each quilt as much as we can," said Stacy Slockbower, one of the women who helped on the project, to News Channel 9.

With 37 quilts that needed to be made, the group had their hands full. Luckily, their mission had spread. Not only did they receive squares of fabric from quilters all over the country, but they also were sent a couple of finished quilts.

Slockbower hopes these quilts will provide a small amount of comfort to the children involved in the accident, and also to the families of the six children who will never receive their quilt. She led the project "so that they know that there are strangers out there that love them, that care for them, and that's the best way we know how to do it."