Photo credit: Terry Grillo

Story originally published by The Calaveras Enterprise.

Sewers from San Andreas, California, recently donated a handful of quilts to the Calaveras County Child Protective Services for foster children. What makes this so special? The sewers are all aged 6-11.

Adila Girina and Raelyn Winkler started Kids for Kids nearly two years ago, a sewing class that combines crafting and charity.

"We're teaching them how to sew, but we're also showing them some life lessons, like how to get a job done," Raelyn told The Calaveras Enterprise.

Five of their students helped make children-size quilts that contain various colors and patterns. Adila and Raelyn fully fund the classes and items necessary to make the quilts, such as sewing machines, cutting boards, and fabrics.

"Children have so many things to keep them busy these days and I'd hate to see the art of sewing die," Winkler said. "Sooner or later they might need to sew on a button and they'll have the skills to do it."

Photo credit: Terry Grillo