A creative explosion was the result when four quilt designers took on a project that pushed all their personal boundaries. See the journey each designer and their quilt took in this No-Rules Round Robin.

Gudrun Erla

Gudrun from GE Designs joined the Round Robin to push her creative boundaries and get out of her comfort zone. Her starting rectangular block was transformed into a modern wall hanging with the additions of the other designers.

Kari Carr

Kari of New Leaf Stitches started her first Round Robin with a lot of excitement and a little intimidation. As each designer added thoughtful borders and design elements, her initial block blossomed into a beautiful quilt.

Terri Degenkolb

Terri of Whimsicals loved the idea of total creative freedom that the Round Robin promised. She started her project with a little coloring outside the lines, and that encouraged the other designers to help make a fun and whimsical quilt.

Terry Atkinson

Terry of Atkinson Designs did her research on Round Robins before starting her quilt. The end result was something unexpected--and something that shows the true collaboration between designers.

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