July 06, 2016
Photo from Dahlhouse Productions, published on People.com.

Story originally published on People.com.

Actress Alexandra Breckenridge, who played Jessie on seasons 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead, is expecting her first child in September 2016. On June 18, her friends and family threw her a non-traditional baby shower – a quilting party!

In addition to traditional baby shower gifts, like baby bottles, a baby carrier, and teething sticks, each shower guest also made a quilt square that Breckenridge could take home to make a quilt from for her baby boy.

Breckenridge told PEOPLE  that she was excited to have something made by people who are important to her. "It was so incredible to have all my favorite women come together to help make this adorable quilt for our son," she told them. "I feel so lucky!"

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Breckenridge, published on People.com.