Photo credit: WDAY News

Story originally published by WDAY News.

Over the last two years, over 40 chemotherapy patients at Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, North Dakota, have received a quilt from a complete stranger.

Hilda Wanner, who is an 88-year-old resident at a senior living facility, is responsible for making each of these gifts! She found that focusing on quilting keeps her mind sharp. After watching family members battle cancer, she decided she would use her hobby to do good.

Wanner has been quilting for the past 30 years (and with help from her daughter Faith) has sewed over 40 quilts in the last two years. "One thing I can say is that I am never bored," Wanner told WDAY News. "I feel like I am doing something worthwhile."

In June, the two women held a bake sale at Wanner's senior living facility to raise money to buy more quilting supplies. Donations are being accepted at CHI Riverview Place in South Fargo.