Photo credit: Victoria Shirley, KSLA News 12

Story originally published on KSLA News 12.

Eight-year-old Taylor Henry from Bossier City, Louisiana, was inspired by a lesson at her church about "giving" and decided to use her sewing talent to help flood victims in South Louisiana. Taylor, a 3rd grader, has a big heart and was sad to hear about the South Louisiana flooding. "I feel so sad for them," she said.

After noticing her church and school were collecting donations for the flood victims, she knew she wanted to find a way to help as well. She decided to sew together tissue holders and sell them to raise money for flood victims. Her goal was to raise $1,000.00, a goal she passed in less than 24 hours! for the flood victims. She has received orders from all over the country including Arizona, New York, and Florida. They've even had donations of fabric and thread.

"The donations will be going to my church, who will then donate them to flood victims," Taylor said. "I feel so thankful they are doing this because it will help a lot of people."