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After 22 years of collecting fabric, Jean Ferris has built up quite the collection. You'd be surprised to learn that not one scrap of fabric has ever been thrown away, because there is always someone in need. That's right, Jean spends at least 12 hours every week sewing for underprivileged Americans.

"Especially the little ones that need so much care," Ferris told "It's just good to know that you've made something for someone to use that will benefit from it, especially the children."

The 79-year-old woman has made and donated hundreds of quilts over the years to various organizations including World Relief, a nonprofit that works with churches all over the world. Even though she has spent hours with a needle and thread, she still sews on her Slant O Matic sewing machine that her husband gifted her 51 years ago. She says that it has broken down once and frequently needs to be oiled, but has taken that as a life lesson in realizing mistakes happen in the grand scheme of things.

"There's this group that quilts a lot and they said they make sure to make a mistake because nobody's perfect," Jean said.

Jean has less time to dedicate to sewing after her husband of 60 years suffered a stroke, however, she still spreads love across the country as often as she can. Learn more about her story by watching the video below!