The staff of American Patchwork & Quilting celebrates reaching 50,000 Facebook fans by answering the question, "What do you have 50,000 of in your sewing room?".

October 13, 2016


Thanks to our 50,000 Facebook fans. We're so glad you joined us. And it got us to thinking, "What do we have 50,000 of in our own sewing rooms?" I know for me, it's needles. I love, love, love to have a new machine needle every time I start a new project. Or hand sewing needles, or specialty needles. Treat yourself to a new needle. You should have 50,000 of them. I have 50,000 yards of thread, so I always have the right thread for whatever project I'm working on. I have 50,000 books on quilting and sewing. I just can't get enough. Buttons, beads, I have at least 50,000. I may use them on garments, on quilts for embellishment, or sometimes I just collect them because they're beautiful. I have 50,000 project ideas. Fabric scraps. I can't throw them out. And don't tell me boss, but I have a whole drawer in my office where I keep them. I have what seems like 50,000 cutting tools. I have 50,000 unfinished projects, and I'm sure none of you can relate to that. I have 50,000 charm squares. I have 50,000 pins. I have 50,000 Pinterest ideas. I have 50,000 rolls of ribbon and little bits of trim, because I love to find the perfect piece to embellish a beautiful wall hanging or wrap the perfect present with. 50,000 fans!