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Fiona Tokach is not like typical teens. The 16-year-old seamstress learned to sew fom a family friend after being mesmerized by the display quilts at her local fair. After sewing various textiles and quilting projects, Fiona realized she received more satisfaction when her talents are helping someone. Rather than spending a recent day off of school catching up on Netflix, her and a group of friends decided to wake up early and spend their time sewing chemo caps for cancer patients.

The 16-year-old started sewing chemo caps for her aunt's sister-in-law when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After Fiona had made more than her relative needed and then donated the remaining to the Tammy Walker Cancer Center in Salina, Kansas, she still felt a need to help. That's when an idea sparked in the teen's mind.

Inspired by something her siblings had done in the past, Fiona started a SPIN club-a club that is through 4-H, but has open membership for all individuals, whether you are a 4-H member or not. She calls the club "Fifth H."

"In 4-H there are four H's, which stand for head, heart, hands, and health," Fiona told "Then I started the Fifth H, which is for hope."

Now, Fiona takes turns sewing mastectomy bags for women recovering from surgery and chemo caps. She likes to donate the caps in deliveries of 50, and says each one takes her around 15-20 minutes to make now. That's not all, though. Fiona has also sewn dresses for African children and stuffed bears for children in the hospital.

"I love the feeling I get when I give a quilt or any form of fabric thing," she said. "It is a very accomplished feeling."