We'll be the first to admit that quilters do some funny things! (I mean, we buy fabric to cut up and then sew it back together again.) Here are a few things quilters do that others might not totally understand.

1. Name your sewing machine. And then talk to it while you're sewing.

2. Carry spools of thread, needles, and snips in your purse. You never know when you'll need them!

3. See quilt patterns in bathroom tiles, carpet designs, gardens ... basically everywhere!

4. Pet fabric. When we're in the quilt shop, we like to touch and ogle before we buy it.

5. Make quilts with no plan. People always ask what occasion the quilt is for, but we know we're just sewing because we love it.

6. Think a scant 1/4" is a totally acceptable measurement. (We can also handle 1/8" and 1/16", too!)

7. Walk around the house with one shoe. Our other shoe is next to the foot controller, so we can be comfortable sewing.

8. Save the smallest scraps. We can't throw anything out because "we might need it someday."

9. Yell at our kids for not cleaning their rooms, but have the messiest sewing space.

10. Buy new supplies beacuse they're in a color you don't own. You can never have too many rotary cutters!

11. Spend time with your quilting friends online. You've never met them in person, but they're your BFFs!