There are some things only quilters understand. We asked our Facebook readers what they think makes a quilter. Here are their responses!

"You take pictures with your phone of floor tile patterns that would look good in a quilt. Rest room floors are good." -- Renate Y.

"You buy the same fabric 3 or 4 times without remembering that you already have it, and your fabric stash is larger than what the local quilt shop has." -- Gayle S.

"You go to the store with thread all over your clothes. #ThreadThereDontCare" -- Marina S.

"You start planning your next quilt before you even finish cutting out the one you are working on. I have to work fast because I have a personal rule not to start one until I finish the one I am working on." -- Linda D.

"When you own 3 or more sewing machines and a mountain of fabric, a million books and a thousand patterns.....and 20+ WIPs...." -- Gwen G.

"You spend all day, every day at work surfing Facebook and Pinterest for quilt patterns just waiting for the weekend so you can sew." -- Kathy H.

"Your Facebook feed is more quilting groups/info than friends and family." -- Linda J.

"I have about 10,000 pics of quilts on Pinterest. I don't know why I have other boards on there!" -- Jessica B.

"Everyone else in the Sistine chapel is looking up, but you are looking down at the tiled floor and thinking what a great quilt pattern." -- Denise L.

"You go for a massage and the therapist can guess that you are hunched over a lot due to the knots in your neck and shoulders." -- Alicia S.

"There are more pics in my phone of patterns than grandkids-that's a quilter. -- Sandy A.

"You're reading a book then realize you can't remember a word you read because you were visualizing a new quilt in your thoughts." -- MeMe R.

"You have more fabric than food in your home, and the first thing you think about after hopping out of bed is not breakfast, but what are you going to quilt today!" -- Becky C.

"You look at a wrought iron fence and start working out in your head how to turn it into a quilting pattern." -- Leslie S.

"You notice references to quilts in everything you read." -- Sandy D.

"You walk into a fabric store and you have to "pet" or feel all the fabric." -- Norma W.

"You go through old buildings looking at the tile floors and see quilt patterns in them." -- Karen M.

"The dog has threads on him. Time to run a vacuum!" -- Deb A.

"The only scraps under your dining room table are fabric." -- Becky W.

"Your ironing board is always set up." -- Arlene H.

"The once company-ready and very pretty living room is now emptied of anything not quilting related and is now a wonderful, dedicated sewing room." -- Terry H.

"You know you're married to a woman who sews when you bring home 150 zippers from an estate sale for 10 bucks." -- Mark S.

"You think about the next project (even though you have at least 10 on the go) all the time." -- Karen F.

"Every trip is planned around locations of quilt shops." -- Pat D.

"Thread on clothes, burns on hands, fingers and arms, and cuts and nicks from the rotary cutter, oops!" -- Linda S.

"You spend more time in your sewing room than you do cleaning your house." -- Kathryn S.

"You pass up a wine tasting tour to work on a quilt." -- Diane R.

"You have so many projects and so much stash that you can't keep track of them all!" -- Donna A.

"You see every quilt that is in a movie or on a TV show." -- Sandra L.

"Your vacation treasures are all from fabric stores." -- Carol B.

"My first purchase from Hawaii was a stack of 6-inch squares of tropical fabric." -- Natalie G.

"You check your bank balance before you agree to go to the fabric store." -- Julie B.

"You have to take breaks to ice your wrist." -- June S.

"When your stash takes over the house!" -- Jessica B.

"You get up in the morning and find your sheets covered in thread cuttings." -- Monica C.

"Quilting is all you think about when you are working to pay for your hobby." -- Nancy T.

"You are looking for a new house and your main requirement is a studio space large enough to fit a longarm." -- Amy M.

"All you see on Facebook is quilting sites!" -- Kristina C.

"You tell your children to make sure you have threads on you when you are laid to rest forever." -- James J.

"You are late because you just had to sew one more seam." -- Chris and Di B.

"You come home from a quilt show with 10 yards of fabric you don't need because it's just so pretty!" -- Linda Towers

"When you buy your husband new shirts based on how pretty they'll be in a future quilt!" -- LaDonna S.

"When your phone has more quilt pictures, than family pictures." -- Edith V.

"You fold everything into a square." -- Carolyn S.

"You know you are a quilter when you dream of working on your current project." -- Debbie M.

"You would rather sew than anything." -- Deborah C.

"You have more fabric than money." -- Lisa P.

"Your curtains are pieced." -- Glenda S.