If you've been quilting a long time, it's likely you have a large fabric stash. But just because you have a stash, doesn't mean you're using it! We asked our Facebook readers why they're afraid to use their stash-here's what they said!

"Many of my fabrics I bought simply because I love them just as they are. I love their color and design, each a work of art on their very own!" – Louise K.

"A couple of times I've raided my stash and used something that belonged with another project and then had a problem when I went back to that one. I'm more careful now." – Teresa G.

"Because all the fabrics neatly folded and lined up are so pretty!" – Michelle W.

"If I use it, then I won't have it." – Judi S.

"It might cause an avalanche!" – Mary A.

"Some fabric I'm just not sure how to use. Just found it too beautiful to pass up." – Sharon H.

"I wouldn't be able to explain why there are 3 chests of drawers in my sewing room." – Linda T.

"I might run out in the next 500 years…" – Marla B.

"I haven't decided on the perfect scrap quilt yet." – Brenda H.

"That fabric is too pretty to cut." – Julie B.

"Because what if the fabric shops run out or more likely they close?" – Margaret T.

"Because I've formed such a special relationship with each piece. It would be like destroying a special friendship!" – Marilyn C.

"They might stop making fabric tomorrow!" – Diane M.

"She who dies with the most wins!" – Kylie F.