Sometimes you start a new project, and your enthusiasm quickly wanes. We asked our Facebook readers what they do when this happens – their answers may give you the motivation to push forward or move on!

"Put it in my UFO bin and there it stays for all eternity." – Beverly D.

"Start a new one! I've got half a dozen ‘started' projects set aside that I'm hoping will inspire me at a later date!" – Michele S.

"Power through, using it as a goal that when I'm finished, I can start something new as a reward." – Carmen S.

"Write some notes about where I'm up to, what problems I'm having with the project, then package it all up and revisit it later in the year." – Mary C.

"Keep it until the New Year when I go through everything. If I'm still out of love, I move it out of my life." – JoAnne M.

"Hang all the parts and notes on a drapery hanger and go to another project. It will peak my interest at another time, and I'll enjoy finishing it. I keep about 4 projects in rotation at a time." – Jeannie

"Find a new pattern that excites me and tell myself you cannot start on the new project until the old one is complete." – Patricia T.

"I put it aside for at least a year and bring it out again later." – Ann Z.

"Put it out of the way, but not out of sight." – Denise M.

"Eventually put it in my scrap pile." – Jennifer B.

"Put any completed squares aside for inclusion in charity quilts." – Jenny S.

"Put it away until I get bored or finished with my current project. Maybe then I can get re-inspired." – Linda T.

"Give it away and start a new one." – Christy W.

"Repurpose, rearrange, revamp, or reject!" – Vonna T.