Make an accurate fold and crisp fabric crease every time with a hem gauge. When sewing instructions tell you to turn or fold the raw edge of right side of fabric toward the wrong side of the fabric, a metal hem gauge helps you make an accurate fold and a crisp crease. Here's how to use it.

On an ironing board, place long straight edge of gauge atop wrong side of fabric about 1/2" from long edge.

Turn long raw edge of fabric over gauge to align with desired measurement (we show 1/2"). Press fold atop gauge with an iron. Remove gauge.

TIP: Here's the secret to a well-creased fold: Let the pressed fabric cool in place.


After making first turn-and-press, turn folded edge over gauge again to align with desired measurement (we show 1"). Press fold atop gauge as previously done.


If directed, stitch folded edge in place. The result: an even, crisp edge.