There's no limit to your creativity when you take advantage of the Evolution's additional feet and accesssories.

October 13, 2016


There's no limit to your creativity when you take advantage of all the serger has to offer. Hi, I'm Beth, and this is the Baby Lock Evolution, one of the most advanced sergers on the market. But it's also one of the easiest to use. The exclusive extraordinary threading system takes all the stress and worry out of threading your serger. It's as simple as pushing a button and you're ready to start stitching. Because the Evolution is so easy to use, it means you can really focus on all the functionality it provides. You get so much control and so many options and it doesn't stop with what's right here on the machine. Evolution has additional feet and accessories that give you even more options. One of my favorite accessories is the belt- loop binder. Of course, it makes belt loops, but what it's really doing is creating a bias trim, so we can use this to create all your own custom trims. It's also more affordable than buying pre-made and you can create any length you want. You can use any fabric and color to match your projects, so it's a great way to add a custom detail. Another way I like to use this accessory is to actually create my own custom fabrics. This is a really unique application that, again, is completely custom and I did it all using the Evolution. The first step is to create the various strips of trim using the belt-loop binder and those are going to be woven together to create the fabric. I've got this set up on a wide cover stitch, and I've got fusible thread in the chain looper. This is really great, because you can put the fusible backing on your trim, so you can just iron that directly to your fabric. Now, I've got my two different widths here, because the accessory comes in two different widths. So, what I've got going over here, I've started it, this is the weaving that I was telling you about. So, we're just going to start the weaving and so we go over/under on this pass though, just pull that through and lay it flat. So, what I'm doing is actually creating a fabric here with this weaving effect, and when you get that all woven, then that's where that fusible backing really comes in handy, so then you can fuse that down and adjust your little points here and make it nice and tight. So if you weave them really tightly like this, you can actually use them as fabric in a quilt block. If you weave them more loosely you can use that as a decorative treatment on a border or a table runner. Just adds a little texture or interest to your project. So all it takes is a little imagination to really put the Evolution through its paces. I'm sure you'll come up with many more ways to use evolution in your quilting, so for more great ideas to get you started, visit