Take your creativity to a new level with the Baby Lock Destiny.


Put the power of technology behind your creativity with the Baby Lock Destiny. Hi, I'm Beth and if you love to embroider and sew the new Baby Lock Destiny has some exciting new developments designed just for you. Let's start with the high definition screen. This is really your gateway to all the exciting new technology developed just for this machine. The tablet size screen has larger buttons and bolder images that make it so easy to use. Every image is crisp and clear and the details of a design just jump out at you, and this screen gives you access to the powerful new IQ designer. Designs are, of course, the foundation for every project you create and the IQ Designer gives you limitless options. You can scan in line art, upload favorite artwork, and you can even draw your own designs right on the screen. The IQ Designer automatically digitizes the design for you. You also have lots of flexibility. It allows you to edit and size all the way up to 200% or down to 60%. With the design digitized, the IQ technology gives you the power to position it wherever you want on your project. Use the needle beam to see exactly where the needle will drop to make the first stitch. For a more hands-on approach, use the sensor pen and touch the pen to the project so Destiny knows where to start stitching the design. Use the needle cam digital camera and precise-touch positioning to scan the fabric and see it on screen, allowing you to move the design to just the right spot. Finally, positioning stickers guide the machine to the exact place you want it. These stickers are really ideal for smaller designs or corners of projects. All of these powerful design tools are, of course, paired with the top of the line sewing machine. The Baby Lock Destiny has 770 built-in stitches, a digital dual-feed system for sewing through multiple layers or sewing on difficult fabric, and it has a huge work space, a full eleven and a quarter inches to the right of the needle, so it can easily accommodate large projects, even full-size quilts. And we'll wrap up right where we started with the hi-def screen. It's perfect for watching your favorite video tutorials, load videos through the USB port, and sew along with project tutorials and classes. So if you're ready to take your creativity to a new level, your destiny awaits at babylock.com.