Wool is versatile enough to be used in a variety of projects, including penny rugs (made with circles the size of coins) and pillows. It also can be fashioned into embellishments for quilts, garments, wall hangings, and bags. For more projects using wool, go here.

1. To avoid stitching through multiple layers of wool, start with top layer and continue adding pieces until you get to the point of attaching pieces to the background.

2. Perle cotton in sizes 8 or 12 can be used in place of embroidery floss.

3. Use fabric glue, small appliqué pins, or fork pins to hold appliqué pieces in place.

4. Instead of pinning a wool appliqué piece to the background, try using a staple to hold pieces in place. The staples are easy to remove and do not leave holes in the wool.

5. Look in secondhand stores for 100% wool clothing that can be repurposed and used in quilting projects.