With a warp of one color and weft of another color, shot cottons are lustrous. Shot cottons behave a little differently than regular quilting cottons, so keep in mind these tips from designer Mary Elizabeth Kinch.

1. There is no right or wrong side to shot cottons.

2. Seam allowance bulk is not a concern, as these fabrics are so lightweight.

3. Some shot cottons have a bit of give and stretch, which is helpful if you're stitching curves but otherwise can be frustrating. Handle pieces as little as possible after cutting to prevent stretching as well as fraying.

4. Steam exacerbates the tendency for shot cottons to stretch. Lightly finger-press seams or press lightly with an iron.

5. To add stability to the fabric, lightly spray it with starch and press before cutting. Be sure to wash the quilt after it is complete to remove any starch residue, which could attract pests.