Sewline Fabric Tools make marking and erasing lines and gluing fabric easy!

October 13, 2016


Make your project so much easier with these useful products from Sewline. Hi, I'm Beth, and if you're a quilter or just like to sew, you know that having the right tools really makes your project go more smoothly. Let's talk about this tool. It's a really handy, 3-in-1 fabric marking tool from Sewline. One click and we've got a black lead. This lead is ceramic so you get a really nice clean, crisp line, and it's easy to erase. This is great for your lighter fabrics. And because the lead is ceramic, it stays sharp longer too. Another click and we've got a white lead. This is good for your darker fabrics. And then if you want to erase these lines, it's got a handy eraser under the cap or you do a lot of marking and erasing, you might to pick this convenient size up, eraser is a little bigger and this eraser is specially designed to keep the particles out of your fabric weaves so they don't get all stuck in there. Also, both leads are water-soluble, so you can also use on damp cloth or throw them in the washing machine to remove the lines. Now, the third thing on this tool is a blink stylus. This is great for tracing or making indentations on fabric. So, I've got a pattern here with some graphite paper and I am going to just trace around the pattern. This is from American Patchwork & Quilting, and I've got this little shape here and it's done. So we've got our faint little line that now we can cut and use this for applique. And speaking of applique, Sewline also makes a really handy tool for this, as well. It's a fabric glue pen and it's a blue glue. It dries clear and it's also water soluble. This is really great when you have these little pieces that you just don't really wanna pin. It would just be inconvenient, so we'll just throw a little glue on the back and tack it down. It dries really fast and if you would like to move your piece after the glue is dry, you still can. It's repositionable. This one I glued on earlier but as you can see I can peel it off and put a little more glue on and reposition it. Didn't get it quite where you wanted it. Now you can just take it over to the sewing machine and sew your pieces on. This is good for hemming, quilting, or just general sewing -- anytime you think pins might be a pain. Sewline also makes this really cute little pencil case. It's pretty and pink, and this is perfect for storing all of your Sewline products. This makes a great gift for yourself, or anyone who sews.