We asked our Facebook readers what quilting lie they keep telling themselves. Here are their responses!

"I won't buy any more fabric until I use what I have." -- Toni E.

"I will finish this project before I start another." -- Dawn M.

"I'm going to make these quilts for next Christmas! (As I bought fabric in January and it still sits untouched because I haven't had time.)" -- Jenny S.

"It's almost done. I tend to tell myself that while working on the top and ignore the fact that I will still have to spend a lot of time sandwiching, quilting, and binding." -- Sharyn M.

"I WILL use all these tiny scraps." -- Sandra O.

"I am going to sew all day today!" -- Patricia T.

"I'm a quilter. Actually it looks like I'm a fabric collector! I used to be a quilter." -- Judy P.

"I'm sure my boss will understand that I spent my money for fabric instead of gas to get to work tomorrow!" --Irma Jean M.

"I really don't need another new sewing computerized machine. I really could make my quilts on a good straight stitch sewing machine." -- Terry H.

"Maybe one of these days when I square up a quilt, it will actually be 100% squared up, not just close enough." -- Janet H.

"I'm going to have a quilt finished for each grandbaby this Christmas. Tops have been done for three years." -- Nancy W.

"I will keep my sewing space tidy and organized." -- Janice G.

"My stash is big enough now." -- Christine H.

"I will finish my UFOs this year." -- Pat S.

"I am not good enough to tackle that project." -- Stella B.

"I am not making anymore bed size quilts." -- Debbie E.

"It has to be perfect!" -- Ann Z.

"I might run out of fabric so I have to get more." -- Karen H.

"There's plenty of thread in this bobbin." -- Sharon H.