Do you need help figuring out what to pack for your next quilt retreat? Print our handy packing list and have fun!
Retreat Packing List

Things to Ask the Host

  • If you are staying overnight, be sure to ask if you need to supply your own bedding, towels, paper products, and utensils for food. (This also includes any serving or specialty utensils you may need for food prep.)
  • If you are staying somewhere that is a dedicated sewing retreat, many large items such as cutting mats, ironing boards/irons, and even design walls may already be in the space. Not having to pack these items can save you a lot of time and prevent you from overpacking unnecessary items. However, it is a good idea to always confirm with the host.
  • If you are staying at a new location and aren't sure about the lighting conditions, you can ask the host about lighting. If there are not a lot of windows for natural light or you plan to sew late into the night, you may want to consider bringing a portable lamp with you.

Things to Consider

  • Be sure to read through your pattern instructions thoroughly before packing for the retreat, so you know if your pattern requires any specialty tools, such as templates, fusibles, or marking tools.
  • Consider bringing multiple projects to work on in case you happen to finish a project sooner than expected or get bored or frustrated with the project. You may also want to bring some handwork like English paper piecing or embroidery to work on when you need a break from sitting at you machine.
  • Protect your sewing machine in transport by packing it in a padded case or box. Place the presser foot down on a piece of fabric to protect the feed dogs, and leave the needle up (or remove it) so that it doesn't break.