While we all have good intentions of finishing our UFOs (unfinished objects) in a timely manner, sometimes we lack the motivation! We asked our Facebook readers what their biggest challenges are for finishing those projects. We can relate to many of these!

"Not having any qualified aliens to fly them." – Cherie L.

"Too many new things, fabrics, and patterns to try!" – Janet S.

"Deciding which one to do first!" – Lynette R.

"Admitting when I should just re-shelve the fabric, toss the blocks into the orphan drawer (or make a lap-sized), and call it a day." – Kris W.

"Figuring out where I left off, especially if I was only cutting my blocks when I put it away and hadn't finished the job." – Barb B.

"Spying another interesting patterns and fabric in my stash ready to start. I have no control!" – Caryl P.

"My UFOs pile up because I doubt my color choices or my skills." – Brenda H.

"Having what I need to finish something." – Trudy L.

"Finding the time, especially when I work full-time." – Cindy J.

"Figuring out which one to work on first -- the one on the top of the pile or sort through them?" – Susan M.

"Putting on the binding!" – Judy G.

"I have the attention span of a squirrel when it comes to quilts. I get started on a UFO and find four others that need to be finished, plus a dozen different pieces of fabric I want to add to a quilt (not a UFO), two books I've been meaning to read, and three magazines. Before I know it, it's time to go to bed." – Nancy H.

"Sick and tired of looking at the thing. Most likely it has caused me some grief in the construction of it and can't find the will to complete it. A few have ended up at a thrift store." – Ruth S.

"The courage to quilt a top that took so long to get just right! Or at least as right as I can get something as a new quilter." – Anne N.

"I hand-quilt, so the finished tops outnumber the backs. New quilt designs and patterns keep appearing, so that's more tops for the UFO collection." – Suzanna P.