Our staff members share eight of their favorite notions for working with wool.

1. Perle cotton: Specialty threads add dimension and texture.

2. Embroidery floss: Flosses are available in a wide range of solid colors and variegated hues. Use 1 to 6 strands at a time.

3. Needles: Sharps glide through fabric smoothly, have a narrow point, and don't bend easily. Buy a package with a variety of sizes.

4. Chenille needles: Chenille needles have sharp points and large eyes, which are necessary when working with thick embellishing threads.

5. Appliqué pins: Short pins with small heads are easy to work around.

6. Small scissors: Use small scissors with pointed blades to easily cut fabrics with extra loft.

7. Needle threader: Large-eye needle threaders accommodate thicker threads.

8. Bobbin saver with wool threads: Wrap threads from larger spools onto bobbins and store them in a bobbin holder. We packed 25 wool threads on one wheel, which takes less space in an on-the-go project bag.