Sew a rolled hem with a serger to add a finished edge to any fabric!


Hi, I'm Linda, and today's machine minute is brought to you by Baby Lock and the Imagine serger. So today I'm going to show you how to make a three-thread rolled hem. In this case, it's what I would do at the edge of a napkin or on the edge of a one-layer ruffle -- that kind of thing. It makes a nice finished edge and can add a little contrasting color. So let's get started. To do a three-thread rolled edge, I'm going to open up my serger so I can get to all the parts. I'm going to change my stitch selector in this case to D. And then I'm going to remove my left needle. And then I'm going to lift my presser foot and actually remove the thread from the system. Be sure anytime you lift that presser foot, I like to put it back down right away. Otherwise when you're sewing, you'll notice it doesn't sew right. Next I'm going to clear my stitch fingers. And I'm going to use my screwdriver for that as well. So what I'm going to do is just make sure all the threads are off those three little stitch fingers. I can shut this now. I'm going to turn the dial to rolled hem 1-1/2. And then I'm going to leave my stitch width at M. I'm going to close the machine back up again. And I'm ready to make a rolled hem. As you see, it'll just come right up right along the edge and stitch over that edge in a narrow overlock stitch forming that rolled edge. Now if I wanted that to be bulkier, I could put in more of a wooly thread. But for the purpose of this ruffle, I don't want it quite so bulky, so I'm just going to do regular thread. Sew all the way down that long edge of that fabric. So what I get is a nice, smooth finished edge. And so there you have it -- and easy way to finish off the edge of any fabric: a rolled hem.