Your machine and bobbin are the perfect pair! Watch for some easy tips to improve your sewing.


Hi, I'm Jennifer, with another machine minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Symphony Machine. Did you know there's an official sanctioned bobbin that goes just right with your machine? Okay, well maybe it's not sanctioned, but it is important to know that every machine has a bobbin type made just to match its style. So when you go to the great wall of notions at the store, you might see bobbins that are made of metal or plastic or different colors, and they have a little bit different shape to them. Some are rounded on the top. Some are straight across the top. The important thing for you to know is that there is a bobbin that matches your machine type exactly. And you want to look at your machine manual or the bobbins that came with your machine to make sure you're using the right one. It will ensure that you get smooth, even stitches every time. Now the symphony has a great automatic bobbin-winding feature where you set up the thread, follow the path that's given to you (and here it's printed right on the machine top, but your machine manual will tell you which way to route your thread before you're winding a bobbin), then on this machine, I simply start it winding and it goes. It winds smoothly and evenly, and it's an automatic feature. But if your machine doesn't have that, just remember, you want to wind your bobbin at a slow, even steady pace because you don't want any thread loops or tangles. If you get a really loopy bobbin when you're winding it, you want to stop and take that thread off and wind it again, because having a smooth, evenly wound bobbin is critical to making sure that your seam line is smooth and straight. Finding that perfect match, that bobbin that goes just right with your machine, is like finding two puzzle pieces that go together. It'll come out right every time if you get the right bobbin. Have fun sewing.