Using a leader strip is a simple way to ensure smooth machine piecing.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Keltner in the American Patchwork and Quilting Sewing Lab. In this machine minute brought to you by the Symphony from Baby Lock, we're going to talk about getting a smooth start and finish to your stitching. Does this ever happen to you? You're working on a project and as you're feeding pieces through the machine sometimes they get swallowed up into the throat plate or you get a little thread nest at the beginning. It often happens when you're trying to feed a point into the machine. What we really want is a smooth start and finish at the beginning and ending of every piece. And this is the secret: we call it a leader strip. And all you have to do is cut your scraps into small pieces, I suggest that you use your leader strip in the same number of layers as the project you're piecing. So I'm piecing two layers together, and I'm going to fold this leader strip over so that I have two layers. And just begin piecing in the middle of that leader strip, then line up your piece with your quarter-inch guide and start sewing. Your beginning stitching and ending stitching will be perfect. It's a great way to make sure every piece comes together perfectly. So as you're stitching, remember for a smooth start and finish follow the leader.