Use templates to make fun shapes from jelly rolls or strips.


Hi, I'm Linda, and today's machine minute is brought to you my Baby Lock and the Crescendo machine. Today I'm going to show you how to use the Jelly Pointer template and the Jelly Monster template to cut interesting shapes from your jelly rolls or other strips of fabric. So let's get started. If you're using a jelly roll for these templates, you'll want to sew two pieces of fabric together with a scant 1/4" seam so that you've got a wider strip. But don't press it yet, because you're going to cut from the sewn edge. These templates are set up with a line marking where you're going to place the ruler or the template on your seam. And then also you'll see there's a dashed line that's going to be along the edge of the fabric. In this case, I'm going to cut a circle, and it will be half one color and half the other. So I want to line up that solid line on my stitching line, and I'm using a small cutter because it gets around that curved edge a little bit better. And what I'm going to end up with is a circle that's half and half. If I wanted to hand-applique that down, I would just go ahead and do that. But let's say I wanted to make that a fusible shape. For fusible shapes, I find that the Jelly Roll Pointer ruler has some interesting fusible shapes. As you can see, I have fused fusible webbing to the back of my fabric. In this case, I'm using a 5"-wide strip. I'm going to place the solid line of the Jelly Pointer ruler on that folded edge. Since I don't have a seam allowance, nothing will extend down to the dashed line. And I'm going to go ahead and cut along that edge. And what I'm going to end up with is a heart. The Jelly Pointer lets you cut hearts, stars, pentagons in two sizes, and ovals in two sizes, while the Jelly Monster lets you cut triangles, circles in two sizes, hexagons in two sizes, and triangles. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the triangles, as they have a special second seam. So give the Jelly Monster template and the Jelly Pointer template a try.