Have an item missing in action because it's missing a button? Stop the madness and learn how easy it is to sew on a button.


  • Button
  • Hand-sewing needle that has a sharp point and easily fits through the holes in your button
  • All-purpose sewing thread in a color that matches your button if you don't want it to show or in a contrasting color if you do want it to show
  • Scissors

Sew on a Two- or Four-Hole Button:

1. First thread the needle. Cut a piece of thread about 24" long. Fold the thread length in half so the two cut ends are together and there is a loop at the opposite end. (We like to use a double length of thread for added security and so you don't have to make as many passes through your button.)

2. Thread the cut ends through the needle's eye.

3. Pull about 3 inches of thread tails through the eye.

4. Next position your button where you want it. Holding your button in place with one hand and the needle and thread in the other, it's time to start sewing. Watch the video of the stitching process.