Motivation may be the key to success when working on a project, especially one that's taking a while to finish. We asked our Facebook readers how they remain motivated to finish their projects. Their answers are here!

"I belong to two Facebook groups that involve my sewing machine and embroidery designs. All the creativity is inspiring!" – Shelley C.

"I switch from one to another so I don't get bored!" – Karen G.

"I remember who they are going to and how they are sure to smile when they get it, whatever it is." – Susan H.

"Bribe myself with another project or a special treat." – Lynne R.

"Break it into smaller, simpler steps I am sure to finish." – Lauren B.

"Look on the APQ UFO Facebook group for motivation and ideas." – Debbie R.

"I always give myself a deadline." – Teresa H.

"Remind myself why I started in the first place." – Kristina G.

"Challenge myself to see how much I can get done in an hour at a time." – Jane A.

"I don't start one until I've finished one." – Cindy J.

"I do a 'snack' project – small and easily completed." – Sue B.

"Play an audio book or listen to Pandora while I work during the mindless pieces of small components (like 192,000,000 Flying Geese)." – Sally C.

"Live and breathe and sew daily." – Becky H.