Maintaining an accurate seam allowance is essential to assembling a project properly. If your seams aren't accurate, the pieces may not line up correctly.

Use exact 1/4" seams throughout the project to be sure all pieces fit together smoothly and accurately. In the block shown, the squares in the middle row were assembled with a larger seam allowance than the top and bottom rows. This resulted in smaller finished squares and ultimately a shorter middle row.

Quick Fixes

1. 1/4" Presser Foot. Many sewing machines have the option of attaching a 1/4" presser foot. Use the guide of the foot to stitch accurate seams every time.

2. Masking Tape or Adhesive Moleskin. Create your own fabric guide by layering strips of masking tape or moleskin and adhering the layered strips to your machine bed in front of the throat plate.