Create your own embroidery designs and take personalization to a whole new level with the OnScreen Designer with SketchPad Digital Tablet.

October 13, 2016


Let your inner designer shine with the new golden opportunity for embroidery, the Ellisimo Gold. Hi, I'm Beth. If you love to create custom quilts, clothing, wall hangings, home d?cor, then this is the tool you've been waiting for. The Ellisimo Gold has so many incredible features that make quilting and embroidering so much fun and so much easier. This adorable alphabet quilt is full of personality and these are the tools that made it happen: the on-screen designer and the sketch pad tablet. It lets you hand draw or trace a design, like your child's first attempt at the alphabet. Just write or draw directly on the pad or you can even slide an image into the pad and trace it. Then the Ellisimo Gold digitizes the image. This is great for preserving your child's special pieces of art, creating a custom embellishment, or even to sign your name. The Ellisimo Gold gives you so much control. Once you trace or draw your design you can use other features to customize it even more. You really can design exactly what you want and then see it come to life. Of course you don't always have to do the design work. The Ellisimo Gold has an entire library of built-in embroidery designs; there are more than 500 designs to inspire you. There's even an exclusive collection from Nancy Zieman. And to make the most of the library, every design can be custom fit to your project using the embroidery editing and resizing features. Use the color visualizer to check out color combinations. This feature lets your preview an endless array of color options for your design. One of my favorite things about the Ellisimo Gold is the really big display. The colors are so clear and true you can really see the details of your designs. And when you're ready to stitch it out, the machine's stadium lighting is so clear and bright you'll never strain to see your work. The Ellisimo Gold gives you an exciting new way to create truly one-of-a-kind designs. I think you're going to love working with this machine and I can't wait to see what you come up with.