Take advantage of this golden opportunity in sewing -- the Ellisimo Gold. Let your creativity flourish with all the great built-in features of this new machine.

October 13, 2016


There's a golden opportunity waiting for you and your sewing: the Ellisimo Gold. Hi, I'm Beth, and if you love to sew or especially if you love to quilt, you're going to want to check out the cool new tools built into this Ellisimo Gold. This machine makes everything easier, more fun, and more efficient. And that means you can spend more time doing what you love to do: sewing. What the Ellisimo Gold does best is put you in control. You can choose from 682 built-in stitches, so there's truly a stitch for everything and 29 of them are preset especially for quilting, which means you've got 57 needle position options. Included with the Ellisimo Gold are eighteen different snap-on feet, so it's just as easy to change to the correct foot as it is to change your stitch selection. And quilters are really going to love the free-motion foot, the echo foot, and the straight-stitch foot. Probably the most important feature when it comes to quilting is advanced pivoting. This feature allows you to pivot your fabric without interrupting your work. You can turn corners, follow curves, and maneuver around applique shapes hassle free. Watch closely on this corner, the presser foot is raised, the needle is dropped for you, perfect corner pivots every time. The Ellisimo Gold has a really big display area. It's a full 8-1/2" and the true view ASV, LCD color touch screen is HD to show over 16 million colors. That's really important when you're making color choices for your projects. The machine also has stadium lighting that really illuminates the needle and work area for you, so you don't strain your eyes while you're working. Another great feature is the straight-stitch needle plate. It's included with the machine, and this needle plate has a sensor so the machine will only sew with the center needle position so it prevents set up errors and broken needles. How cool is that? It's a lot of technology, but it's all designed to be really intuitive and really user friendly. So if you're ready to take more control of your creativity, step up to this golden opportunity in sewing, the Ellisimo Gold.