Most of us don't like to admit our bad sewing habits, though we all have some! With that in mind, we asked our Facebook readers what sewing habits they'd like to quit. Here's a list of their answers.

"I try really hard not to put pins in my mouth." – Laurie A.

"Procrastination-not just in sewing, regrettably, my life in general." – Judi S.

"Pointing out mistakes instead of enjoying the compliments." – Izzy S.

"Rushing to finish one project so that I can start a new one. Mistakes happen, and I do not enjoy the process as I should." – Lynne R.

"Don't beat myself up so much if I don't like the way a quilt turned out. The recipient usually loves it!" – Cindy J.

"Unthreading my machine by pulling the thread out the top instead of through the needle." – Sherri E.

"Not doing the housework because I am sewing…" – Marla B.

"Not thoroughly reading pattern instructions before I start a project." – Jennifer N.

"Not changing my cutting blade often enough." -- Laurel K.

"Not cleaning my machine as often as I should." – Heather J.

"Starting a project before the last one is completed." – Debra S.

"Sewing for 10 hours straight and not stopping to eat or barely drink!" – Lena M.

"Not being able to tell people 'NO!' when they want to give me fabric." – Patricia T.

"Leaving the rotary blade exposed." – Roberta C.

"Not changing my machine needle often enough." – Anita Z.

"Stop trying to be perfect and just enjoy the sewing." – Jane A.

"Leaving my iron plugged in (it doesn't have an auto shut-off like my previous one!)." – Deborah B.

"Not cleaning my sewing space before starting the next project." – Nancy V.

"Sewing over pins." – Eddie H.