You probably have more washi tape than you'd care to admit! (We do, too!) Here are five ways to put your favorite binge-worthy crafting supply to good use in your sewing room.

1. Cool Storage Labels: Keep supplies organized by labeling bins, boxes, and other storage containers with washi tape. The best part? You can quickly add more labels (or remove them) as your supply count changes.

2. Easy Measurements: Cutting lots of pieces the same size? Mark the line of your ruler with a length of washi tape to easily make the cut. This is also perfect when you have a measurement that's harder to see on your ruler like 1-1/4".


3. Stylish Seam Guide: Mark your seam allowance on your sewing machine bed for straight stitching every time. Layer a few pieces of washi tape together and stick it to your machine, then run the edge of your fabric along the washi tape as a seam guide.


4. No-Pin Zone: Use washi tape to hold fabrics like vinyl and laminate together without pins, which can cause permanent holes in the fabric.


5. Simple Quilt Layering: Keep your quilt backing fabric flat by taping the corners down before layering the batting and quilt on top.


Bonus! Cute Design Wall: Hang unfinished sewing projects on a design wall or bulletin board with washi tape pieces for easy hang-up and take down.