Panels come in a variety of sizes. While the original artwork is designed with straight edges, printing and finishing processes can throw some of the lines out of alignment. Here are some tips for squaring up panels!

Here are 4 tips for sewing with fabric panels:

1. Try stretching the panel along the bias in the opposite direction if the panel is very wonky.

2. Fussy-cut the panel out by wiggling the panel into place along the ruler lines and cutting each side separately.

3. When you add fabrics to the panel, measure through the center lengthwise and add the same length of border to both sides and then measure through the center widthwise and add the same length of border to the top and bottom. That will help to square up the panel.

4. Always sew with the panel on top, so you can make sure it's straight and you can shift the fabric as needed.

Fabric featured is from the Stonehenge A Stitch in Time 2018 - Primary Brights collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott.