If you grew up with Star Wars, you know how many life lessons you learned from the movies and how much you related to the characters. But who knew how many scenes from the films apply to your quilting life, as well? Check out these 10 times when Star Wars spoke to quilters (both young Padawans and Jedi Masters).

December 15, 2015

1. When you have one long border to sew on and you're running out of bobbin thread.

2. How you feel when you get a new sewing machine.

3. How you feel when a pattern calls for 1" squares.

4. When your friend turns into the quilting police.

5. When your quilt shop owner finds fabric you've been searching forever for.

6. When your machine is making a funny noise, and you "fix" it.

7. When people don't understand how to press their fabric.

8. When you decide to try a new pattern featuring a block you've never made before.

9. When you add a flannel backing to a quilt, but forgot to prewash it.

10. When you've been sewing for days and finally decide to change out of your sweats and shower.