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10 Cringe-Worthy Moments Every Quilter Understands

Trust us, we've all been there. You're sewing along fine and something disrupts your groove. We bet you can relate to these totally frustrating quilting problems.

1. When you realize your bobbin thread ran out two minutes ago.


2. When you sew over a pin and your needle breaks.


3. When your machine eats your fabric when you start a seam.


4. When you sew the wrong sides together and have to find your seam ripper.


5. When you realize you've been cutting your pieces the wrong size.


6. When your machine makes an ominous sound.


7. When you finish a block and realize your points don't match perfectly. 


8. When you run out of fabric but still have three more pieces to cut.


9. When you get a thread nest on the back of your fabric because your tension is off.


10. When your doorbell rings and you have to stop sewing.