Are you making our Sew Easy Sampler quilt? Block 2 involves sewing triangles with bias edges together. Here are some tips to prevent distortion of your shapes! Get instructions for this block here.

Tips for Working with Bias Seams:

  • Once cut, only move as necessary. Bias seams are stretchy and easily distort if handled too much, which can cause misshapen pieces.
  • When pressing, don't drag the iron across the piece. Pick it up, then set it back down to avoid stretching the fabric. And we recommend no steam, which can cause further stretching.
  • Since bias seams stretch, use pins to hold things in place while sewing.
  • Because we're working with triangles in this quilt block, start sewing at the 90-degree angle, not the triangle point. This will keep your stitches smooth and prevent the machine from sucking the point into the machine.