Jody Sanders shows you how to make triangle-squares and Flying Geese units with squares instead of triangles. This technique allows you to make more units in less time and with no wasted fabric!

February 08, 2017

Formula for 8-at-a-Time Triangle-Squares:

Finished size of triangle-square + 7/8".

Multiply that number by 2.

Cut two squares of fabric that measurement.

Example: For 2" finished triangle-squares

2" + 7/8" = 2-7/8"

2-7/8" x 2 = 5-3/4"

Cut two squares 5-3/4".

Formula for No-Waste Flying Geese (Makes 4 Units):

One large square the size of finished width + 1-1/4"

Four small squares that are the height of the finished unit + 7/8".

Example: For 2" x 4" finished Flying Geese Units

Cut: 1--5-1/4" square from background fabric.

Cut: 4--2-7/8" squares for side triangles.