Learn how to use a water-soluble glue stick to temporarily adhere fabric to paper templates for English paper piecing.


I'm Jody Sanders from Quilts and More, and I Iove to do English paper piecing. And today I want to share with you how to glue baste your pieces so you can have much quicker prep time and you can get to these flowers more quickly. When glue basting for English paper piecing, you need three things. You're going to make this unit here. This is a 1" hexagon. To make that, you'll need a 1" paper template, you need a piece of fabric that's approximately 1/4"-3/8" larger all the way around than your template, and then you also need a water-soluble glue pen. And the paper template, you can either use a die-cutting system and make your own. You can purchase them--they're already precut and they come in different size packages. Or you can also use this punch and you can again, cut your own. Or you can cut and trace from a pattern that you've gotten off of our website or someplace else. It's really up to you and personal preference. So I'm going to take my paper template. I'm going to center it on my fabric. Then I'm going to take my glue pen. You take the lid off. And I'm going to put a little bit of glue right there. Now you'll notice I'm not right up against edge, but I'm just a little bit in. All you need is a little bit of glue so when you fold over that fabric it tacks to the paper. At some point this paper is going to come out, so you don't want so much glue on there that it's difficult to remove the fabric later. So that's one side, then you turn, do the next side, fold over, turn. And again, I'm trying not to get the glue on the very edge, because when I go to put my pieces together, there might be a little bit of glue residue that will drag the needle and thread a little bit. And there's your last side. You flip that over. So then, here you have your final glue-basted hexagon ready to go to be put together in other pieces.