Get tips for working with a fabric glue pen when English paper piecing.

October 13, 2016


I'm Jody Sanders with Quilts and More. I love to do English paper piecing. And something was introduced to me a couple of years ago is using a water-soluble glue pen to prep my hexagons and paper templates. And I wanted to share a few things with you about the water-soluble glue pen--some tips and tricks that I've learned in the last couple years that have really helped me. The Sewline glue pen comes packaged like this, so when you're in the quilt store and you're looking for it, this is what you're going to be looking for. Included in the pack is the pen itself. And then there's also one refill. Most of the pens have a blue glue stick that's included. You also can find them in pink and yellow for the refills. It depends on what color you want, if you have a preference. Now I'm kind of a stickler about the glue pen in that, with your rotary cutter when you open the blade you're always retracting it as soon as you're done using it. You just get in a good habit of opening and closing the blade. Well, with your glue pen, you want to get in the habit of when you're not using it, putting the lid back on, because the glue itself will dry out. So you don't want your pen sitting aside like this without the lid on it, because the glue will dry out. Ok, so when you're done with the glue and you've used all of it that you can, what you're going to do is take this out. And then you have your refill. You take that part off of it, and then this goes into your glue pen. This comes out. You've taken this off and you've put your refill in the pen. Then you can just twist it back down in, again kind of like a lipstick there. Twist it until you can feel it stop. And then remember, you're always going to put your lid back on, so that the glue is good and ready for you the next time to use.