Make the most of your sewing time! See our best tips for chain-piecing to maximize time at your machine and finish quilts faster.


When you're sewing together a whole bunch of squares, one easy way to keep your rows in order and to make things go a little faster is called chain piecing. And that's basically where you piece in this case all of the pieces that are going to line up in the piece at the same time. So I did the first pairs of fabric, two squares and then I just finger pressed those seam allowances. Then I'll add the next square for each of the pairs and sew and your just sewing straight from one piece to the next, there might be a stitch or two in between like there is here but there might not be, then once your all done you don't really even have to cut those rows apart. You can just flip one to the next and once you have that long row done you sew the seams without cutting the rows apart. It helps keep everything in order and it's really a great time saving tip.