Here's how to sew a seam opening closed so that the stitches are nearly invisible! Use this technique on pillows, toys, bag linings, or anything else you need to close a seam with hand stitches.

Note: In this video, we're using white fabric and black thread so you can see the stitches. In your own project, use a matching thread to truly make your stitches invisible!

How to Ladder Stitch:

1. Fold seam allowances to inside; press.

2. Thread needle with sturdy thread. Make knot at end.

3. Hide knot in seam allowances. Bring needle up at beginning of opening.

4. Insert needle into first folded edge and take a small stitch (just a little bite of fabric); pull needle through fabric.

5. Insert needle in opposite folded edge directly across from position where needle came out of first folded edge. Take another small stitch; pull needle through fabric.

6. Return needle to first folded edge, take another small stitch an pull needle through fabric. Continue in this manner to make a few stitches from side edge to side edge.

7. Pull thread snugly to close opening. Secure thread end with a backstitch or two. Trim the thread, leaving a short tail.