Make a triangle square the easy way. Watch this video to learn the secret.

October 13, 2016


Today's Machine Minute is brought to you by Baby Lock and the Symphony machine. Triangles: you'll find them in many, many quilt patterns, and often, they're formed as a triangle-square. Two triangles pieced together on the diagonal to make a square unit. Maybe it's the points, perhaps it's the cutting, but for whatever reason, triangles seem to strike fear in the hearts of many. So today I'm going to share with you a tip to make triangles squares super easy. You'll get a pair of triangles squares, and you don't have to cut any triangles. Start out by cutting two squares of fabric. You can layer your fabrics before you start so that you can cut them at the same time, and you don't have to match your pairs up later. There's only one dimension you need to be concerned with when you're cutting your squares and that is the finished size that you want to end up with. You're going to add 7/8" to that finished measurement for this method. So if your 3" finished measurement is what you're going for, you're going to cut your squares at 3-7/8". Lay your pair of squares down. Take a ruler and a marking pen. And it doesn't matter at this point if the marking pen is erasable or not because it's not going to be shown in your finished piece. Lay your ruler down from corner to corner on the squares and mark that line. Then take your pair to the machine, and you're going to sew a quarter inch on either side of that marked line. So, place your presser foot. If you're using the edge of your presser foot as your 1/4" guide, use that as your line along the edge of the line that you drew and sew down one side. And if you're doing lots of triangle-squares, you can chain piece them and just sew continuously one after another. Or sew on the other side by turning the piece around. What you'll end up with, then, is a square where you have the stitching line on either side of the line that you drew. At that point, you can use your rotary cutter and ruler, again lining up on that drawn line. Cut it apart on the line, and you end up two triangles-squares then that you're ready to press. You'll get a pair of triangle-squares by starting out with two squares. Remember, you just add that 7/8" to your finished triangle-square measurement, and that's what you'll end up with for your two triangles squares. Try it. I think you'll like it.