Jennifer shows you one of her favorite time-saving sewing machine features -- advanced pivoting.

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo machine. Sewing machines have so many great features on them today, and sometimes it's difficult to know which ones you would use the most. So I'd like to share with you one of my favorite features: this machine has an automatic pivoting feature that I love. All you have to do is simply touch a button and that will allow the machines foot to raise and lower slightly. Now most quilters are familiar with the needle down feature that when you stop, you can stop with the needle down in the fabric and then typically you have to reach back lift up the presser foot, pivot your fabric, and lower it again. But with the automatic pivot feature, let me show you how that works. Once I've touched the button on the machine, I simply begin sewing and when I stop the presser foot raises just a little bit so I can pivot my fabric in any direction and get started. Again it always stops with the needle down and it saves me the time of having to reach back here and lift up the lever and lower it every time I want to pivot the fabric. Now when I'm working on a block like this Winding Ways block, it's really convenient to have this feature because I don't have to use so many pins. I can use both of my hands to hold the fabric in place and simply sew along and as I'm ready to re-adjust and stop, the foot lifts up enough that I can pivot slightly and I start sewing again. I love this feature. I think it's one you might enjoy as well, so when you're trying to determine for your next sewing machine purchase which features are most important, make sure you check out ones like the automatic pivot feature. I think you'll enjoy it.