Bloc Loc rulers can make both basic quilting units as well as more intricate designs easier to cut, sew, and trim. Beth shows you how to use the half square triangle ruler, the flying geese ruler, and the drunkards path shape.

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Bloc Loc rulers are a fantastic addition to your quilting tool stash. With the unique channel on the back, you're able to line up your seam to get perfect results every time! The keys to success is making the blocks larger than needed and trimming them up with the Bloc Loc rulers. The rulers are sold by finished size, so keep that in mind when you're looking to purchase.Let's take a look at a half square triangle. We've made our half square triangle and now we need to square it up and trim it to size. You need to press your seam to one side. The side that the seam is pressed to is the "high" side. The side without the seam is the "low" side. You want to position the ruler with the Bloc Loc logo on the low side and then push into place until the channel catches the seam. Now you can adjust the ruler, making sure you have enough excess for your second trim. Cut the first two sides, then slide the ruler by the two corners on the channel, push down, and turn the entire piece and ruler around. Now line up the ruler for your finished size and make your two final cuts! If your seam is a little off the corner, no problem! Just line up the seam with the channel and square it up.There's also an On Point version of the Half Square Triangle ruler, it works in the same way. You can use it for on-point half square triangles, hourglass, birds in the air, y-blocks or simply use it just to cut a large on-point square.Another popular unit for quilters is flying geese. Using the two squares and one rectangle method of creating flying geese, make your flying geese unit. Instructions for cutting are included with the ruler. The two grooves line up with your seams just like the half square triangle ruler. Using this great tool means you'll never lose your points when sewing them together.The Drunkard's Path ruler is extremely helpful in getting a nice square block with that signature curved seam. Each Drunkard's Path ruler set includes 3 pieces. Two for cutting and one for trimming. These come in square and elongated Drunkard's path shapes. The elongated versions are 4 piece sets, 2 for cutting and 2 for trimming.There are many different shapes and sizes available. Bloc Loc rulers can make both basic quilting units as well as more intricate designs easier to cut, sew, and trim. Check your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer for these incredibly helpful tools.