Hi, I'm Jody, group editor of American Patchwork & Quilting, and this video is brought to you by Baby Lock. Sewing together hexagons by machine doesn't have to be hard! Just take it one seam at a time, pinning and sewing carefully from dot to dot.

First, put your hexagon rows together by joining one side, beginning and ending at ¼" from the edge. This allows the next row seam to set-in with the first one.

Once you have your rows together, it's time to join them to each other. With right sides together, place your second row hexagons on top of the first row. Push a pin through each pair of dots to align pieces, then pin pieces together. Sew from dot to dot, locking seam ends with backstitches or a locking stitch.

Next, open up pieces and place the second row over the first. Align and pin the next seam as before. Sew carefully from dot to dot without catching the seam allowance in your stitching line.

Open up pieces and align the second row over the first again. Sew dot to dot again. Continue in this fashion until all seams are joined and your rows are attached.

Press first set of seams counterclockwise, forming a tiny hexagon on the wrong side of the fabric. Press next set of seams clockwise, then alternate as you go down the row.

Hexagons are such a fun look and can be sewn by machine by carefully stitching dot to dot.