Doris shares five ideas for storing items in your sewing room.

Laura Kallenbach from Portage, Wisconsin

I have a large zippered pouch I call my "finishing bag." It's where I store the fabrics I need for backing, binding, and labeling my UFOs. I attach a note to the individual fabric pieces to remind me which project each one is for. That way I don't accidentally cut into yardage I was saving for a particular quilt.

Carol Metz or Grass Lake, Michigan

Because I was tired of forgetting what my specialty rulers were meant to do, I sewed a block of every design that each ruler would make. I then named file folders after the rulers and put my finished blocks inside the labeled folders. I no longer have to guess what the rulers do or what the blocks will look like when they're finished.

Beth Christopher from Bramwell, West Virginia

I use a pedicure toe separator to store my bobbins. The bobbins stay wound and I can see the color of the thread.

Nancy Kovacs of Curtice, Ohio

I love fabric panels, but they often got lost in my stash. After trying several storage methods, I finally hit on something that works for me. I fold each panel into a page protector and store the page protectors in binders. This cuts down on duplicate panels, makes the panels easy to view, and keeps the panels accessible.

Norma Curtis of Kleinburg, Ontario

Because my sewing room is also our guest room, I sometimes need to put my sewing supplies away. To store my cutting mats where they won't get bent, I clip them to pants hangers and stash them in the closet. The hanger clips are strong enough to hold two mats each.